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A Kite
this exact shot of young sawa. (I've seen this cel in a collection but I haven't tracked it so I don't know if it's changed hands) Will Give Kidney
Sawa shooting akai.Anything in this sequence but, the screencap is what I'm really looking for. Very High
sawa telling Oburi about her earings*found sort of* I'd still like the exact cel of the screencap Very High
the cats Very High
Sawa jumping down from the building in the begining.(anything nice in this sequence) High
This shot of Sawa (though I think it's part of a larger pan cel) Low
Ah! My Goddess
Gorgeous Rose,Peroth's angel Very High
Noble scarlet, skuld's angel High
Peroth High
World of elegance, Urd's angel Medium
Ai no Kusabi
quality shots of Iason, Raoul or Katze Very High
Ayashi no Ceres
Full Body shot of transformed Ceres. Medium
Winged Touya Medium
Nice shots of ceres especially from the final episodes Low
Card Captor Sakura
This pan shot of the light card. Will Give Kidney
This sequence of the light and dark cards Will Give Kidney
Something very similar to this cel of the light and dark card Very High
The sorceress disapearing from Movie 1 Very High
Full or portrait shots of the sorceress from movie 1 High
Ruby Moon full frontal shots or portraits perfered High
Sakura in bat, kitty, or Green fairy costume. High
Flower card Medium
Sakura holding the swirly eyed kitty! Medium
Suppi and Kero Medium
The BIG cat! Medium
Wood card. Medium
Cheshire cat Eriol (prefaerably doing cat like things) Low
Cowboy Bebop
A nice big shot of Ein Very High
Ed Medium
Zeroes the cat Medium
Escaflowne Movie
A portrait shot off Allen. We won the one in the picture on YJ but passed it along to someone who'd better appreciate it. But, we're still searching for one in the sequence or a similar shot. High
Ghost in the Shell
The puppet master High
Hana Yori Dango
Akira with his hair up Very High
Nishikado & Akira being "romantic" Very High
Tsubaki when she first meets tsukushi Very High
Shizuka with her long hair High
Magic Knights Rayearth
Umi & Hikaru henshins Very High
Alycone on the unicorn from ep.1 High
Mezzo Forte
The cat Very High
The first android Very High
Miyukichan in wonderland
This pan cel of the jabberwoki (yes we missed it on YJ and Yes we are willing to pay the $3K+ to purchase it from whomever currently owns it) Will Give Kidney
A complete setup of card girls and roses Very High
A similar shot of the mad hatter Very High
Any high quality shots of the characters we don't have. Very High
The Red queen talking to Miyuki Very High
This exact shot of cho li and to li Very High
This exact shot of Humpty Dumpty Very High
This exact shot of the cheshire cat Very High
This shot of the "other miyuki" Very High
My neighbor totoro
A soot! Will Give Kidney
Ninja Scroll
This pan cel (Minus the black lines where we put the screencaps together) Very High
Oniisama e
Any nice shots of St. Juste Very High
Portrait shots of Mariko Very High
Nice shots of Karou no Kimi High
Pokemon/Pocket Monsters
rapidash Very High
ponyta High
magicarp Medium
snorlax Medium
Record of the lodoss war
Portrait shot of Karla from the OVA Very High
Opening cels from the TV show. Deedlit, or the face shot of Spark. High
Nice shot of deedlit from the OVA Medium
Nice shot of pirotess (TV or OVA, Ova perferred) Medium
Robot Carnival
Nice shots of the robot from this portion High
Sailor Moon
Angel Usagi Very High
Chibi Fiore in his alien form in the rain. from the R movie. Very High
Luna with the bow from the S movie Very High
Princess Kakyuu/Fireball Very High
Quality cels of pluto, particularily one of her dead scream with the clouds swirling. Very High
A cute cel of Diana. High
High quality shots of Diamond High
Human Luna High
Pegasus High
Eternal Sailor Moon. Medium
High- mid quality shots of Kunzite Medium
Mirror Phage Medium
Sailor Neptune and/or Sailor Uranus Medium
The "messiah" from the 3rd season of sailor moon. Episodes 110 and 111 Medium
The cats from "Luna's Bad/Worse Day"! Cats cats cats cats. . . . . Medium
Black Lady, full body shots. Low
Mistress nine, either a full body shot, or a face shot of her on par with the one int picture. I'm really picky about these Low
Sailor Mars/ Rei Hino any decent shots of her Low
Shamanic Princess
Transformed lena Very High
Transformed Tiara, with all her markings visible.Pic is of Yann's. We're looking for one very similar. Very High
Tenshi Ni Narumon
a nice cel of raphael laying down. He's so adorbale. Very High
Nice shots of Miruru. Either being very cat like, or being sad. High
The last Unicorn
a cel of the unicorns cresting in the waves (my ultimate dream cel) Will Give Kidney
any cel of lady amalthea with her symbol showing High
the unicorn sleeping High
The west wind Low
Anthy holding Utena from the dance scene in the movie. Or the dance scene in general Very High
Anthy with her hair down tv. Very High
Quality shots of Movie Anthy Very High
TV saionji Very High
any quality shots of Movie touga High
Chu Chu High
portait shots of Touga from the TV series High
Utena from the movie either with Anthy or by herself Low
Vampire Hunter D
The lamias from the original High
The pair of shots of meier link and D facing off. High
Quality shots of D, either original or bloodlust. Medium
Vampire Princess Miyu
A nice shot of garline Very High
Larva unmasked especially from episodes 13&14 Low
Mermaid! She is so pretty. Low
Seichiro Will Give Kidney
Subaru Will Give Kidney
High quality shots of the charcters we don't have. Very High
Hinoto from the music video. Very High
This exact shot of kotori High

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