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Finally Finished!
last modified: Sunday, November 23, 2008 (8:14:26 AM CST)
After I'm not even sure how many years (is it wrong I've forgotten how long we've owned something?) we've finally scanned and uploaded all of our original Miyuki-Chan in wonderland story boards (except 59 & 60 which are just text). It took entirely too much time so I really hope that someone other than us will enjoy occasionally looking at them. We'll be adding some brand new wishlist cels later today as well, a punishment angel from Ah! my goddess and Two unicorns from the last unicorn. We've updated several other series as well. So it is a pretty happy cel day for us. :)

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Super happy fun update time!
last modified: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 (9:43:28 PM CST)
A happy update today, I Finally updated Jen's ultimate wishlist cel. We'd had it sitting at the deputy for the past 6 months or so for various reasons. So, she was thrilled to finally receive it last week, especially since she's been looking for this sequence since we started collecting and it was the most we've ever spent on a cel. It took some wresting to get it into the scanner though. Overall,took 5 scanner passes, 10 layers in paint shop and more time than I'd like to admit to stitch the image together (it's roughly three the size of a standard cel). But, it is finished and I'm feeling fairly pleased with the result.

We also updated 3 cels in Jen's kitties, 2 of which we don't have a clue where they're from (so any help would be appreciated there!) and a flutist in the miscellaneous section who we believe to be from La blue girl but, we're not entirely sure on that one either.

Also to go with the new wishlist cel there's a new sailor moon themed layout as well. :)


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Granted Wishes
last modified: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 (9:48:05 PM CST)
I often find myself sad that we don't have to income to update as often as I'd like given our financial constraints. As I love collecting cels and am always excited to add a new one to our collections. But, then on a day like today. I find myself pretty pleased by it. It means whether we like it or not we collect almost exclusively cels from our wishlist. Today we added 3 cels that have been on our wishlist for years. One of the for at least 6 years and it feels good to be able to add such beautiful and powerful images to our collection.

We've been very lucky in the last 2 years to be able to cross many of most wanted cels off our wishlist. (Including our most expensive purchase ever which unfortunately still hasn't arrived). And while we can only add these beauties every few months (unlike the every week or so we used to average new cels) I'll admit that some of my intial "impulse" buys ended up as some favorites. But, I'm starting to feel that limited buying may really be better in a lot of ways.

I guess when I'm really feeling is that the only way we can manage to focus the collection is by not having the fundage to leave it unfocused. And I'm appreciating that focus even though it's sort of being imposed on me.

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Dealing with large sketch sets?
last modified: Friday, April 20, 2007 (8:56:38 AM CST)
I really feel like I'm not cut out to be a sketch collector. I love skecthes, but, generally speaking I'm happy to have one sheet or two. Too many more than that and I'm annoyed. I do find it very intersting to see the changes from sketch to sketch and get a good feeling for the creative process that took place. However,I dislike keeping so many sheets. Spreading a 20 sheet set into a cel book seems sort of silly but if I don't store them individually I can't view them easily. If I can't view them easily, I feel like what's the point in owning them. Not to mention I've never been fond of close sequence mates (IE shots with 1 or 2 sequence numbers between them) and a sketch set is often basically a bunch of close sequence mates.

So, what often happens is that I/we buy large lots of sketches keep maybe one sheet from each cut and pass the remainder along via various means. But, I get a bit of guilt about that as I'm breaking up a complete animation because of my own preferences...

So to those collectors with large sketch collections especially if you collect shows which only have sketch sets available how do you deal with them? Keep them all? Keep a few? Find someone to split with before ever purchasing them? something else?

I'm just looking for ideas, as I'm sort of feeling like there has to be a better way of going about it.


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We didn't die...really
last modified: Friday, March 16, 2007 (8:13:45 AM CST)
So...we haven't updated our gallery since october. Unless you count all the things we've taken out of it. Financially it's been very difficult for us the last few months so cel collecting really hasn't been taking priority. We've been mostly subtracting cels from our gallery rather than adding them.

That being said, we have managed to buy a few things here and there mostly due to the kindness of people letting us pay things off in payment plans in fact one of the cels in this update took us the entire 5 months to pay off due to a very, very understanding person selling it to us. And one was a strict breach of our personal cel collecting policy and purchased using a credit card. It was well worth it to me though (to see it check the last unciorn section).

So we're back but, probably only for a moment. As not only is our collecting budget pretty non-exsistant these days, we've both been insanely busy with various other things and haven't really had the time our inclination to have anything to do with the cel community either. So, *waves at community members* We miss you!
Anyway, enjoy the update while we have items to put in it and the time to upload them. We have a few other little things in transit but, it could be a long time before they're updated.


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My Belated Birthday Hentai and more!
last modified: Sunday, October 22, 2006 (12:34:03 PM CST)
Updated a beautiful shot from I believe Ikenie (guessing by what the top of the layout says). I've long been a fan of the design of the redeyed demon girl from this series (who's name I do not know as I haven't actually watched it) And my Former roomate was kind enough to pay for the updated one as a Birthday Present for me. ^_^ I actually find most of my most recent purchases/Bids are technically in the Hentai category. Hentai's have some of the highest quality artwork available so given what a picky collector I've become it makes a lot of sense. (Though I find it funny as we used to have a sizable collection from various Hentai and sold all but a very few off and here I am collecting more)

Anyway my hentai rambling aside, For the other things one cel and one sketch in El Hazard both of Alielle. And updated a few older scans around the site. Nothing of much interest to anyone but us coming in anytime soon as we aren't collecting much these days sadly.

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I hate you Ziggystardust!
last modified: Monday, October 09, 2006 (7:42:37 AM CST)
*This entry in honor of Startyde*

No I don't mean I hate David Bowie, I liked his Ziggy Era actually. I mean the ziggy infamous to all Mezzo collectors everywhere!

I got outbid this morning becasue I wasn't watching an auction there' was less than a half hour left and no bids and Ziggy creeped up and outbid me. Worse yet, it wasn't a mezzo cel (you expect him to be haning around Mezzo cels like vulture and I've been outbid by him before in the mezzo arena) But, it was a Kite all my years of collecting Kite I've never seen him go after a Kite cel I wanted! So WTF? Damn you Ziggy can't you go back to bothering the mezzo collectors? They at least expect you...this was out of the blue for me...*sniffle*

Noteably I shouldn't be bidding on ANYTHING so it may be for the best I got outbid but, still...damn you Ziggy! Damn you! Not to mention if any other Kite cels I want pop up that means there is always a chance that someday Ziggy will rear his ugly head and bottomless pockets again and I'll be helpless...'tis a sad sad day...

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Auctions, Wishlist cels & Storyboards
last modified: Sunday, October 01, 2006 (12:50:24 PM CST)
I'll split this Entry into the three parts of the title though the first two heavily Relate.

First Auctions:

We pretty effectively stopped collecting for 6 months we didn't look at dealer sites, YJ or ebay and have only just started again but, with our own little rules in place.

First: Cel purchase are to average no more than $600 ever 2 months (that's a $3600 a year cel budget which actually isn't much considering what we're interesting in buying these days but, if we want to save we have to do it)

Second: We're going to buy all those dealer cels we've been wanting for years and not buying on auctions unless we see wishlist cels. (and granted there is a wishlist cel on auction right now but, I'll get into that later)

So alright for the first part we're fine we've bought 3 cels lately and the one of sara and Lena updated yesterday $125 one not here was $50 including shipping and the other is $95 including dep fees. The $95 cel we just won today which presents a problem with the second recollecting stripulation. It is not a wishlist cel it is an OOH Pretty! cel. Honestly I was happy to win it and it went right up to my head bid so I sat refreshing going "please don't get anymore bids I can afford to spend not one cent more!". I won but, still feel kind of guilty about it it's beautiful cel but, I still feel like I broke my own rules and if I do it once. I'll do it again. I've just ogt no self control at all. On the flip side my borthday is in Five more days so if I just claim to have treated myself to an early Birthday present it all balances out in the end right?

Second wishlist cels:

One of Jen's Major wishlist cels is for auction right now and fits in the Wishlist category but far exceeds the spending limit it's about $900. Which since it's such a major wishlist cel isn't that much of an problem. Coming up with almost $1k is though. We've been carfeully budgeting as it is and just payed out $300 for a car repair. So I don't see anyway to swing it I just feel bad because it's her ultimate wishlist cel and when I wanted that last unicorn cel we sold off high end things in pursuit of it but, I just can't go through another gallery clean out. It's stressful & annoying. Not to mention we've purged most of the things we should ever want to already. I still feel like I'm inadvertantly Saying "My wants are more important than yours." And I'm not sure how I can fix it.

And finally Stroyboards:

On a postive note, I've scanned 20 more Storyboards and after doing som resizing and numbering, I'll have them up (hopefully by this evening) Again so lovely but, such a pain the scan. We're actually planning on getting seprate cel books just for them so we can easily display all of them at once.(of course not that it would help anyone who wasn't in our immediate area see them...) But, that's all my ranting for now. Whew good thing that's over! ^_^

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Links page and other fun
last modified: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 (3:06:48 PM CST)
So after a year of not having one because of being spied on (long story) we finally have a links page up again! We have some more galleries to add but for now go check, out the ones we have, we've included a "gallery highlight" for each depicting what we feel are one of the highlights of their collections. So go here and Clicky ^_^

There are a few other changes to the layout of this gallery including a few new top banners (links & wishlist) and a new bookmark icon. ^_^ Unfortuantely the scaner and computer refuse to communicate, I'm really not sure why. I think the scanner decided after scanning the 30 some cels & sketches from the last update it needed a vacation. That does mean no more storyboards still though.

Also I finally managed to work on our off RS site long enough to finish and correct a few things. Mo idea when I'll start getting the actual gallery portion up though. Link to it is at the top of the links page.

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Woo hoo a long overdue Update!
last modified: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 (3:04:14 PM CST)
So we're doing a large update finally after like 5 months of nothing and not collecting. I hope everyone enjoys it! No more Miyuki chan storyboards though becasue, My scanner has decided it will scan nothing else. I hope to do more soon though.^^

We aren't really actively collecting these days. Actively looking but not really picking up much, though I did "accidentally" buy a cel just 2 days ago(one of those put in a low bid and never expected to win but then won).But, that and the other Miyuki chan storyboards asside I can't see that we'll be doing more updating any time soon. So, Hope everyone enjoys this current update though. I know we certainly do ^_^


P.S. I know I posted on Beta and on the fron page about it but, someone ID my unknown girl!
The cel wasn't cheap so I assume someone somewhere must know who she is! Thanks in advance!
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We've been a bit neglectful
last modified: Friday, May 12, 2006 (11:46:46 AM CST)
We've been neglecting our poor gallery here ,even though we have some lovely new things to put in it like those gorgeous Miyuki chan storyboards 50+ pages of scanning is a lot though and we've been especially busy lately. I also need to find out what happened to our Hanken cel as it's MIA which is disappointing to say the least but, I have faith in the dealer so I'll just keep hoping. We should also be getting the last batch from SMJ soonish then that should be the last of our updates for awhile. We're taking an extended collecting break so we can start saving some funbds funds for our long term goals (we're looking at putting $10K away over the next few years) And cel collecting isn't a a healthy hobby when trying to save. We even put our entire cash deposit into paying off our last SMJ bill so that we won't be as likely bid on the bevy of Beauties on YJ. Of course that isn't to say we're giving up collecting entirely we're just going to try and avoid anything that isn't either so stunning we can't live without it or taken directly from our wishlist. Although that's always kind of been the plan and it doesn't work out so well all the time...^_~

Anyway, despite our new things not being ready to update yet, we did update the site a bit today. I moved some sold things out of galleries and moved some things that didn't sell back in to the galleries and Updated our sale site

Nothing new there just yet though I just took the sold things and things no longer for sale down. And lowered some prices. We do eventually plan on adding some new things as soon as time allows though. Hopefully by next week. I know we have a few things that will be up for sale once our SMJ shipment comes in as well as there are a number of lots we purchased for a single item.

On while I'm on the subject of selling, we're also we're planning selling one huge lot of cels on ebay (probably 70+ cels and sketches) becasue I want to be rid of a lot of things we've had sitting in storage and it's easier to sell them in a lot than bother with selling them individually for $1-$10 we'll get less money that way but, It's fewer listings, less fees and a lot less trips to the post office. So all and all it's worth it even if the cels only sell for $20. (although I'm of course hoping that isn't the case) That's all the news for now hopefully I'll be adding some pretties here in the near future to make it more interesting. ^_^


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Quick and dirty sales and storyboards
last modified: Friday, April 07, 2006 (7:38:13 AM CST)
First off we put up a quick and dirty sale page. Want to know what exactly that means? Then you'll have to go there ^_^

Some lovely high end pieces are avialble there for only a limited time. Including lovely X, Miyuki-chan and that much admired Gokudo cel ^_^

Next is that our *original* Miyuki chan storyboards have come in the computer is still being not so nice and not to mention I've been feeling all flu-ish so we've only gotten 3 sheets done...Only 59 more to go...sigh...We'll get all the others put up eventually....along with a few other things we're waiting to see come in most notably a beautiful Hanken. And a number of thing that have been sitting at SMJ. We've been avoiding all purchases though as we're well beyond broke. (hence the sale page)Hopefully that will change in the next 2 months though. ^_^

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Wish cel for offer & new layout
last modified: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 (9:41:52 AM CST)
Just letting everyone who doesn't read beta know that we have our wish cel of Hisui & Kokuyo up for offers.

We do have a set price in mind but, are willing to negotiate a bit. It's headed to ebay tonight if we don't find any takers today. Please send us gallery feedback if you're interested.

Also we changed the layout it's based on our collection of art by doujinshi artist colorful. Any feedback on it would be much appreciated! ^_^


Jen & Stephanie
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Paper! and more pimpin'
last modified: Sunday, March 19, 2006 (8:50:43 PM CST)
So with some kicking and cursing I managed to force this computer to recognize the scanner (though not well I must admit) So...Hooray for an almost all paper update, sketches in legend of Zelda, Utena, and Umetsu's Yellow Star. A few pieces of plastic snuck in there too. ^_^

Also we'll have more paper on the way soonish. Paper I'm looking very foward to recieving. As result there we're even more broke and still in need of another PC so I'll pimp my auctions one more time *put's on pimp hat*

I just added 24 more cels to ebay and even relisted my X death scene cel with a lowered price. check them out here.

Ebay User ID: Ashenfairy

I'll hopefully be adding a few more tomorrow as well.

*takes off pimp hat*

I've been scanning and listing almost all day so it's nappy time for me. Hope everyone enjoys our new additions I know we do. ^_^

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New computer time *grumble*
last modified: Friday, March 17, 2006 (7:25:50 AM CST)
So my main computer is down (AGAIN!)....

Some people may rember that this is the very same computer that was down for four months or so reulting in our fall from the face of the planet during that time.
So I should have maybe expected this could happen again...given previous circumstances? Ah..but no. I had it fixed had the hard drives changed and switched Operating systems and was heartitly assured by my resident techie that everything should have been just fine... But alas, this is not the case. The CPU is fried and took my main hard drive with it so I've lost everything I've done since december, which I suppose could be worse but, I lost a whole chunk of site design I put hours into among other things. Also of note and adding to my overall unhappiness is that the system that keeps killing itself is only about 3 years old!

The other crappy thing is that while I am currently using another system for basics like email. The system I'm currently using We've wiped the drives in this sytem at least twice and rarely use it for more than extra storage. It's ridiculously slow, as in my computer that ran windows 95 with a dial up modem was faster, so myinternet connection is spotty at best. Also I can't use the scanner with it, not toally sure why it hates the scanner so much but, they refuse to work in conjuction in any sort of normal fashion. I can maybe use the digital camera but, there's a good chance not. I certainly can't do anything like work on the site or do any sort of work with this one. As even if I could get passed the incredible slowness it dosen't have the majority of programs I need and probably wouldn't take installation of them too kindly. It's frustrationg to say the least.

Or to sum all that grumbling up, time to buy a new computer! Which means of course, sales. We've bought way too much lately and Jen recently quit her second job so purchasing a new PC without some outside help won't be happening. So I'll take this oppertunity to stop grumbling about the computer and pimp my current ebay auctions

*puts on pimp hat* (it's purple crushed velvet with a peacock plume on the side)

here they are:

Those are fixed price but,most have best offer options and we're willing to negotiate. except the X cel if that one doesn't sell at that price in this first run I'm putting it back in the collection. I'm having issues even thinking of selling it anyway.*sniffle*

We'll be adding a few more auctions probably all likely to be coming from our looking for a home section:

So if anyone has interest in any of those before they hit ebay let us know and we'll get back to you with the price we have in mind.

Ok that's enough pimping.

*takes off pimp hat*

I'm just so very annoyed with this whole situation it's really not a good time for us to need to buy another PC, we just paid the mortgage and have bills due and have been frivoulously spending any cash that they other two don't consume. Which is mostly our own fault but, no one can say the acetate is blamless it called out to me darn it! I think life just has to kick you in the butt occassionally so you never get to happy or comfortable. That way you always know where you stand and can appreciate what you've got.

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A Nerdy little update
last modified: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 (1:36:54 PM CST)
A small update only 3 cels and 2 sketches. It's mega nerdy though as only one thing ( a sailor Moon R movie cel) is not from a video game related series. We know we're huge nerds. I'm probably happiest about the Zelda commercial sketches. I would have liked to have written long lovely descriptions on them but I'm just too tired at the moment. We've been slowly going throught the gallery and writting long descriptions though so if I don't get them right now it will be soon. We also have some things sitting at the dep waiting to for a shipping request So I'd expect us to be updating those sometime soon. Well soon being relative to me which means sometime in the next month.

We're still trimming our collections though and have been selling more than we're buying lately. Including a number things out of long term collections so don't be surprised if something is missing next time you visit. We aren't really taking offers but we have said yes to a few unsolicited ones. I really don't want to do another offer period like ever though. It's just way more stress than it's worth for us most of the time unless we're really pressed for cash.

Mostly we've been using ebay to part with things recently though. I mean I hate using ebay especially their fees and weird moral conventions but it's quick, easy and relatively painless so that's the route we've been going lately. Though I'm trying to get a sale page together on our acetate addiction site as some things simply aren't wortt selling via ebay. Too much of niche market on some of the less popular series.

I feel very burned out on selling things right now though but, overwhelmingly as much as I'm loating it right now. I'm happy to get rid of the cels and to get the extra cash which is quite useful for us at the moment. So I'll leave it at that for the moment.

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Little update
last modified: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 (12:03:14 PM CST)
I updated today mostly with things that have been sitting around the house for awhile, Like those X genga. Honestly I forgot we had them. When I was pulling out stuff when we did offers I rediscovered them in with our other X genga. Which makes me just awful, I know after all who just up and forgets they have such beautiful sketches? Us apparently...

Also we added or single snag from the last BWA. A Rare and beautiful Night on the Galatic Railroad cel.

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last modified: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 (12:51:07 PM CST)
SQUUEEEEE squeeee SQUEEEE squeeee. . . . . Ehm. An update of things that have been sitting at the deputy for way too long. Along with some yummy winged boys from Earthain. Oh, I wish I could find more. . . . .

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last modified: Monday, January 23, 2006 (12:00:00 AM CST)
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last modified: Monday, January 23, 2006 (12:00:00 AM CST)
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last modified: Monday, January 23, 2006 (12:00:00 AM CST)
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Stupid Hotmail &
last modified: Monday, January 23, 2006 (10:49:15 PM CST)
Our Hotmail account is doing weird weird things...Like eating my replys to people when I thought I'd sent them. So sufficed to say if I'm owing anyone an email reply I probably sent it and hotmail ate it. So send us another if you're still waiting to hear about anything.

I'm still depressed about losing the wishlist cel but, I'll live I never expected to see another one in the sequence. Of course in some ways it's almost worse that I did.. we're waiting on a two deputy shipments (2 different deputies) So that ought to ease the pain of loss a bit, new pretties and all.

Also, We have finally made an off site gallery at unfortuantely though right now all it does is link back to this gallery because it's still under construction. The only page for it I've completed is my favorites page and I'm thinking about changing the layout on that one *_*. I'll likely be working on it for awhile yet but, I should have at least some of the sale pages up tomorrow. So, there's something to look forward to along with the update that should be happening mid week or so.

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For those who've sent offers
last modified: Thursday, January 19, 2006 (8:03:08 PM CST)
I think we've responded to most of the offers we've recieved now. thanks so much. Except we got an email from a Lauren (logorzat) without an email address attached so we can't respond. So if she' see's this post please contact us again. Also sorry that most of the responses involved I'll have to let you know in a few days. But, such is the way of things. Again thanks everyone! And we're still accepting offers until we're sure of what exactly we'll be needing.

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Entire Gallery for offers
last modified: Thursday, January 19, 2006 (2:52:10 AM CST)
An Ultimate wishlist cel has popped up, and since we don't have the time or the health to list cel indivisually, our entire gallery with a few exceptions is up for offers Those exceptions being Miyuki Chan, Tsunami from Twilight of the dark master, a few cels from X, Adult Kouyruu, and this cel from Vampire Hunter D . If you're interested in anything please let us know asap we'll take straight offers or give out price tags if necessary. The offer period will be over when we hit the necessary price tag.

Jen & Stephanie
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Update and gushing descriptions
last modified: Sunday, January 15, 2006 (8:12:18 PM CST)
We updated some very lovely things today and I added nice gushing descriptions to which is a rarity for me/us. Although we're actually going back to add more detailed descriprtions to a lot of our cels it's beeen something We've been meaning to do for literally years and nopw that our updates are becoming fewer and our gallery is closing in to things we love it's way past time for them. So I'll be slowly adding them as times goes on. though be warned they'll be long gushing and probably very silly to anyone who isn't us. ^_^

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RS Shop and gallery status
last modified: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 (4:07:54 PM CST)
We updated some cheap cels in the Rubberslug shop. Stuff that's been sitting and storage and needs new homes. We aren't particularily attached to most of them so feel free to offer on them if the price is too high. Series include:
Sailor Moon
and a few others
There will probably be more added throught out the day so look for them. ^_^

AS for the status of our gallery we've way slowed down on collecting (although those 5 months or so should have been a dead giveaway on that) But,Expect a gallery update soon. We are waiting to pay off a few things, that should happen within the next week or two. . . . . hopefully.

~Jen & Stephanie
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Our paintings
last modified: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 (10:57:56 AM CST)
First off we shouldn't have cels to add for ahwile as we had no christmas cels. This is the first time in years that that neither of us not gave or received a single christmas cel it's sad *sniffle*

On the other hand we did receive a gorgeous oil painting entitled grief which more than makes up for it it can be viewwed here:

In our photo album along with our other non/anime no cel art. That section currently contains our larger paintings and one art tile we have a few minutre paintings and some stained glass but I was far too lazy to photograph them. I just thought that since we have a healthy collection of other orginal art we may as wel share them :) (especially since we're still on cel Hiatus for the moment)

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Database & additions to shop
last modified: Saturday, December 17, 2005 (8:32:24 PM CST)
I'm still trying to make a database of peoples wants. We plan on letting some nicer pieces go in the immediate future so speak up now if you've got a want or wish that we can fufill. Plenty of things won't be leaving but, we'll still put you on a list just in case something comes up that needs immediate attention at some point later in life....Also to anyone who's already emailed us about things thanks so much and I'll be returning your notes shortly I've just been too busy to get to them prior to now.>_<

Oh and I"m slowly adding things to the Shop.

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So long...
last modified: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 (7:35:06 AM CST)
So it seems I/ We have managed to fall of the face of the earth for five months. I'm not even going to go into details about why exactly that happened but, a quick overview is as follows:both our computers died horrible deaths and had to have the drives wiped...blech.
Additionally we have a friend from New Orleans who's relocated to our house for the time being
Also we've had some other more personal issues which may have closed and broken up this gallery permenantly.
So We've been under loads of stress to say the least...

All that aside though, I finially managed to make most of the cels in the gallery viewable. As previously our collections after the letter "m" were no longer viewable. During our absence we haven't really collected any other cels other than 2 we got in July and never updated, so I'll be updating a lovely Wish cel as well as a lovely Vampire hunter D cel (original) at some point in the near future. (bearing in mind near future is within the month for me). Also soonish I plan on adding cels to the RS shop, it just means I have to fight with the scanner as I've lost all my previous scans so that might be awhile as well. It's something to look forward to though...maybe kind of....I'm not sure what exactly is going to wind up there but we've gotten out of collecting to a large degree so I think I'll be less sad to see some go then I would have been before..if that makes any sense which, knowing me it probably does not.

Speaking of sales though, since we lost almost all of our information due to the computer meltdowns from hell I'm going to need to remake a database of cels people have expressed interest in. So I know who to do my offering to before sending them to open market. Which isn't to say we're interested in selling most of these right now it's more a matter of if we do I'l d like to get them into the hands of people who'll really appreciate them. So feel free to send me the "I know you'll never sell it but, just in case you do, I want this." emails so I can remake our database. Maybe if you're really lucky it might be something we're legitamately willing to part with...that's pretty doubtfull though.

I also aplogize if anyone has been attempting to contact us in the meantime. I've been missing a lot of our nerdy collector friends :) ok that's enough babbling, I'll be getting back to work now.

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Cheshire Cat...
last modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 (9:59:45 AM CST)
I'm just sitting here finding it odd that we've offered our cel of the Cheshire cat for sale 3 different times now. Once for offers on Beta, Once on ebay & once to a private collector who had asked. Yet, here she is still with us. I'm not complaining mind you as perhaps the cel gods are simply trying to tell us maybe breaking up the Miyuki collection isn't such a good idea. I just wish that the cel god's could have come to that conclusion at a better time.

The current story is like this, when we had it up for offers on beta we only gto 2 responses one slightly higher than the other but, we decided not to seel if we didn't have to and as it turned out we didn't have to right then. A little while later we realize that we reallly should have probably sold her as due too some certain unexpected additions to our family. (If your interested in that read about it here: )

So we placed her on ebay. The auction ended below the reserve (which I'm not at all surprised about). However the high bidder int he auction emailed us to ask what the reserve was and offer s to pay. However seeing as how we had already went ahead and made other sacrifices, we decided once again not to sell her. Fast Forward to a couple of days later and we figure out one of us managed to make a really awful banking error which has caused us to be short for our mortgage payment. So we re-offered it to the same person. They said they were still interested but, now have dropped of the face of the planet. Which is where we are now. Under normal circumstances we would simply say, "alright world we get the hint, we'll keep the Cheshire cat." (which actually what we're ending up doing anyway)

However, The issue is we need those funds. Even though via savings and what not, we have enough money to cover paying the mortgage mistake (especially with the help of other collectors who bought tings) but, just covering the mortgage leaves no cash left over for necessities. Currently we have almost no groceries in the house and we're paying for gas on the credit card (I'd love to simply not go anywhere but, Jen's currently got a delivery Job so that's not going to happen) But, this money craziness is a large part of the reason we're selling so many cels and the only reason we're selling quite a few of them so cheaply. Meanwhile, as result of my worrying about the whole situation, I've been giving myself panic attacks and not sleeping. Which is really, really not fun. It does allow to be productive and do things like change the site layout and clean the house though. (might as well find some postive in there!)

But, anyway, to bring it all around, in the course of all this stressing & not sleeping I have time to think to myself. Of all the cels in our collection I've probably had the greatest number of people ask about the Cheshire cat and we've always polietly refused there offers but, now when it comes time that we actually need the money for something she doesn't sell. I've never ever had a problem selling such a high end cel. (I know how it's bad time for selling but, still it's the cheshire cat!) All in all though, I guess that our lovely Neko-san lives up to her namesake, as she's being very fickle. I'm sure that once we manage to work everything out we'll get a million offers on her. But, at this point when it happens we'll just go back to refusing them as she seems fated to stay with us for many many years to come. Besides she makes for nice eye candy while I'm sleeplessly pacing the house...

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last modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 (1:09:00 PM CST)
Some changes happening here (and no none of them have to do with the david Bowie song)

First, I changed the layout to reflect both a new pretty headed our way (eventually) and our sudden rabid emphasis on obtaining X artwork. (I can't figure out which of us is to blame for that or anything... *whistles inccoently*)

I have yet to finish all the sub banners but, I'm feeling a bit lazy, it's hot and I've been working too hard. Or so I'd like to use as my excuse anyway.

Also moved cels around reflecting which are on hold, which are available and which were sent to ebay. There are still 36 or so directly available that we'd really like to find homes for. We'd love to see some trades otherwise cash wise most of them we plan on selling for a fraction of what we paid. So just ask. We're usally quite nice.^_^

We both absolutely adore everyone who's bought things so far. We owe each and everyone of you huge favors. failing that, *hugs* to you instead. ^_^ You've all contributed to taking our collective stress level down a few notches. ^_^

In other news, more pretties should be here by early next week and after that I really don't expect anything as we will have sold/traded just about everything we don't want to keep forever & ever. And likely won't be able to afford anything else cash wise unless one of does a massive job change. But, perhaps if we just stay postive about the situation life will turn postive for us. It's probably not going to happen but, there's no harm in hoping. ^_^


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The last sale...I hope
last modified: Saturday, July 09, 2005 (10:39:08 AM CST)
OK we've gone through and put just about everything we possibly could in the Looking for a home section of our gallery so if there's anything at all of intereste to you, please let us know asap. Most things will be sold for a fraction of what we bought them for. But, we are in need of funds so Away they shall go to better homes. They'll eventually be headed to ebay but, we're trying to avoid that as the ebay fees are getting to be too much for us too.

I'm hoping this will be the last sale of gallery cels (outside of whatever comes in a lot that we don't like) and I would like to get as many of these into to new homes either via trade or cash asap.

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Trying to find some focus
last modified: Thursday, July 07, 2005 (9:50:44 AM CST)
We're trying to narrow our gallery focus to a few less Series. I think it will be impossible for us to ever narrow it dow to one or two series but, we're opting to make a definite cut back in the things we are collecting. We're going to try & focus on mostly CLAMP series & a few personal favorites.

For example we've decided to sell our Tenshi Ni narumon collection (except for our gorgeous Miruru), our VPM collection (except Moru) & our Bakeretsu Hunters collection. (although try to sell may have been a better phrase as the auctions had little interest)

We just can't afford to pay our mortgage and collect so many series. At least not in the quality we're currently demanding our average cel price as of late is about $250 which is more than the "disposable" income we're ending up with per month. And since we don't really want to give up collecting, it's probably best if we just sell all the series we aren't seriously collecting. Which isn't to say of course that we won't collecting from some of the series we're getting rid of we just won't be collecting anything that isn't absolutely postively completely gorgeous. Well in theory anyway.

There are some problems with this current theory though which are:
1. We're going to miss our pretty cels

2. We're going to end up collecting more from the series eventually anyway and I know it

& 3. Selling them is proving difficult.

I seem to constantly have awful timing with sales though so, I'll chalk up to that. Well that and the cel market is pretty much dead for everything that isn't Inuyasha, anyway. Blah.

In more plesant news though I 'll be doing an update today. We've been sitting on quite a few items that have come to us through trades & what not that I was trying to wait to update until we got a few cels we're paying a pyaments on off but, since we haven't been able to finish off the pyaments just yet, we're going to go ahead and share our new pretties. So look forward to it this afternoon. ^_^
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I feel like a hypocrite
last modified: Thursday, June 30, 2005 (7:40:07 PM CST)
I feel like a hypocrite becasue I've always been pretty against the thought of selling ANFS cels but here I am listing some on ebay. Including our much beloved cheshire cat. I especially feel silly since a few of the cels I've always staunchly turned down offers on and yet here we are. To be fair though for the most part I still don't want to sell them but, in order to get to where I want to be, the extra income is neccessary. And the higher end pieces are the easiest way to get there as selling the mid quality cels has really been getting me a whole lot of nothing.

I suppose I feel more "dirty" about it since we've been steadily selling off more and more of our gallery cels. It just that we've gotten more anal in terms of what quality we want and that we still haven't financially bounced back since the whole Job loss thing. Part of me wants to just give up the hobby since we really can't afford it at this point but, there are still so many wishes to be granted! We just have to resolve to save up more cash for when those amazingly wonderful things come up. The problem being it's hard to save what you don't have. Blah...being poor sucks.

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Phase 2 Almost done!
last modified: Saturday, June 04, 2005 (9:14:05 AM CST)
We've almosted sold and traded all of the cels we wanted to from our gallery! Yay we only have a few cels left in our looking for home section now here and on our site for sale. double yay! So it looks like we've pretty much completed phase 2 of our gallery cleaning process. Now to move into the fun part, Phase 3, the new collecting phase.
I think we're going to have to stall on that part for a bit though until we get some more income coming our way. Which is quite annoying as there have been some simply breathtaking cels on YJ lately and we haven't been after to go after a single one :( There's at least one shot up right now I personally want so much I could just cry about it. I suppose that means I've gotten too addicted to the hobby.^_~

We just don't have the cash to spend on cels right now though as we're trying to save some cash for another car, some home improvements that are really needing to be done and to send Jen back to school. Add all those expenses to our normal mortgage and bills and cel spending just isn't an option. :(

We can't complain too much though as we do have a beavy of beauties in very stages of being on their way to us. We have a payment plan to finish up, a few sitting at the deputy waiting to be shipped, one coming from Japan eventually and a trade that should be on it's way pretty quick. It's kind of weird though becasue we haven't acutally bought anything in like 2 months the ones on their way we're all bought prior and are just aren't here yet and the payment plan one has been in the works for quite sometime. I kind of miss when we used to update almost everyday. On the other hand I think in the waitng comes a lot more quality. This way we can only afford a cel every month or two so that way we make sure it's something we really love before buying it becasue if something else comes a long in a short period of time we simply have to deal without it.

Anyway hopefully all the cels I talked about earlier will be in by the end of this month and we can get an update done by then. So look forward to it. It will all be lovely stuff. ^_^

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Can we do it?
last modified: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 (11:00:26 AM CST)
So we're still trying to widdle the collection down to it's very core it's hard work though we've already taken our collection down from almost 300 to 240 or so (keeping in mind that we don't have all our collection displayed) and at first we were thinking maybe we should just keep 100 but, that just seems like too much sacrafice so now we're at the no more than 200 stage of thinking. Although really the lower the better.

To a certain degree we'd like to start our collection all over again and just work on obtaining the pieces that we want/wanted the most. Since we can't though, we figure getting the collection down to the "bare bones" is the next best thing.

The real question at this point is though, can we do it? Given both our attachment to most our collection, the disinterest of most people and our avoidance of ebay, it may be difficult.

Which calls into question is it really worth it to go ahead and do it. Or will we just regret it later? I suppose that's an "only time wil tell us" answer. For now we're going to go for because, at this point in our lives, we just can't afford to maintain such a large collection while constantly adding new pieces. Also the majority of our new art has been vasly over shadowing the older art in terms of the quality of the artwork and our feeling towards them (of course this isn't alway the case) so it's just time to move on and enter a new phase of collecting. Or so I'd like to think anyway.

Meanwhile, while we decide what we'd most like to see find new homes we're also willing to put prices on any remaining gallery cels that aren't ANFS and including most NFS pieces. Ideally we'd like to have the majority of it done by June so we have plenty of space for our pending and future purchases. ^_^

Additionally if anyone else has gone through a similar total shift in collecting we'd love to hear on ideas that would make it easier. ~_^

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Update, woo!
last modified: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 (4:54:13 PM CST)
Some of the insane craziness in our lives has gone away and some hasn't been in any case here's an update (we finially managed to pay off the deputy) Some very nice pieces in there which is nice since we won't be buying anything in any quality for a while still. Speaking of which we're still taking offers on anything that isn't ANFS (possibly things that are if you're willing to throw a HUGE ammount of cash at us or a nice trade) Additionally we have several things still for sale off site at
So that's it for shameless self promotion. Enjoy the update!

~Jen & Stephanie
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Too much stress and an update.
last modified: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 (5:45:14 PM CST)
So I've been under way more stress than I care to account for behind all the things I've talked about recently. We still aren't bringing in a lot of cash so the gallery is still up for offers and we've put up a small sale page with prices.
If anyone's interested in anything in the gallery or on the page feel free to contact me directly or via the rubberslug feedback system.

As for the update we've added some beautiful Xtv sketches (I actually have a few more I haven't scanned yet too) that were bought before our "crisis", we also added 3 repro's and a robot carnival cel. Hope you enjoy them as I don't forsee too many updates until this whole ugly mess is resolved.

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One more thing.....
last modified: Sunday, March 13, 2005 (10:55:22 PM CST)
To go along with the last post, Since we'd like to eat something other than ramen for the next few weeks we are entertaing offers on the entire gallery. We will not be able to do any sort of payment plans though :(. Please keep any offers reasonable as we aren't toally desperate just yet and we can and probaly will refuse some. ~_~

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Not closing up afterall!
last modified: Sunday, March 13, 2005 (4:18:49 PM CST)
So my lovely Jen has been fired from the oppressive corporation in question. So now I now longer have to worry about what they are and are not reading/looking at that involves her/us becasue I can not say whatever I want. However I will not name the corporation becasue now that she's lost the job she can safely persue a lawsuit based on the discrimination she's felt the entire time she's been there. Meanwhile though we still have to figure out how to eat and pay for mortgage payments which suck, a lot but, I'd way rather be poor and free to have my own personal thoughts again than have the money and be under the thumb of an oppressive corporation.(one that I don't even work for I'd like to add!)

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The end of these entries and possibly our updates
last modified: Friday, March 11, 2005 (5:44:16 PM CST)
So the headline is self-explanatory until one of us goes through a switch in careers and free speech is free again. Because all those news stories about people fired for blogging are apprently not just a handful of nutcased companies it really happens to people. Not me personally but someone very near and dear to my heart I think a little guess will let you know to whom I'm reffering. So until later I also will refuse to update in any fashion. Even though I personally have done nothing wrong and neither has the person in question and yet here we are. If anyone wants to discuss this please do email me I have a lot of ranting I'm not free to go into. I aplogize in advance for not longer being able to actively participate in our little community. I'll be around, we both will. We just aren't going to say anything any time soon.

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Ebay, RS Shop, Offers, ect.
last modified: Thursday, March 03, 2005 (8:33:36 PM CST)
So we're thining out our collection in variety of ways in order to make room for new goodies and just generally finish what we started in terms of cleaning out some of the things we don't love. So things have been sent to ebay and the Rs shop with price tags. We're even using our rarely used tactic of taking offers on the whole gallery. Which we've only done one other time. Pure craziness for us at least. Overall though it's good as our tastes seem to changing and growing as we move along into this crazy hobby. I suppose that happens eventually to everyone though. *sigh*

Luckily in the midst of all this cleaning we have some new cels coming in most of which should be here by next week sometime. If we could just figure out how to clean out the collection without adding more (currently we seem to be at the sell 1 add 2 stage). At this point I don't think our collecting is a hobby anymore it's more like an unnatural fixation coupled with an OCD...

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yesterday's update and scanner rant
last modified: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 (9:36:24 AM CST)
So I actually should have written this entry yesterday to coincide with the actual update but, oh well. The point being we bought a new scanner now and can scan again in a grand manner. So we can do updates such as yesterdays, one that I find particularily nice. It's only 4 cels but, they're all gorgeous. ^_^

Back to the scanner thing though, I was very annoyed that we couldn't find one with a legal sized scanning bed. I would have really liked that extra space. After 4 hours and several stores, we found about a million with photo attachments we have no use for and only found ome with a legal sized bed. Which was part of an all in one unit for $400 and really I just didn't want to spend that much on things we don't need/ already have.

I mean does no one have to scan legal documents or does everyone like piecing things togehter through photoshop? blah.

I wish there was a cel collectors scanner ideally it would have at least a legal sized scanning bed and would pick up true colors instead of that weird color pallet unique to scanners. Most importantly though, it would have some sort of dust barrier that keeps dust from entering your scanner bed when you least expect it,especially when it comes to having it trapped under the glass. (I hate dust under the glass more than I have words for!)

Alright I'm done ranting for now. I'm sure this subject will rear it's ugly head again though. (namely when the new scanners get's dust under the glass)


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updates but, no cels
last modified: Monday, January 24, 2005 (8:44:08 PM CST)
So I've been busy lately doing some much need site maintenance. Which includes updating the about page to contain current information, removing old sold cels, cleaning up the wishlist (taking off the things we've obtained recently) a little misc. stuff. The most noticible thing I've done though is probably change the layout. Our current layout is now taken from our two Sailor Moon hankens (although chibi chibi hasn't made it into the gallery yet). I'm thinking of potentially changing the thumbnails to go along with the new layout but, I'm not sure how I want to go about it and overall it seems like a big pain in my butt. Especially considering that if I change the layout again, I'll have to change them all.
I know we have at least one postive reaction to the new layout (THANK YOU!) Are there any negative ones? Anything I should do to improve. I won't necessarily do it but, it would be nice to know. ^_^

I'm still hoping to update soon but, our scanner isn't working so that's not happening until we buy a new one. >_<.

~ Stephanie
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I'm actually not just in your imagination
last modified: Thursday, January 20, 2005 (11:22:05 PM CST)
See! I actually do exist! Really, well mostly.

Why oh why does there have to be a wonderful Last Unicorn cel on YJ that is now out of our price range (thank you Rinkya) and the most beautiful one we've ever seen of Amaltha. Sigh. Ah well. It really upsets Steph, but unfortunatly we don't have the $600 + dollars it's up to now. Who ever put in their bid at Rinkya really really really wants that cell, which is too bad.

Why do the cel gods hate us so? When we don't look for a long time or don't have the money is when everything comes up for action.

Well, to add to Stephanie's post, if there is anything in our offers section, don't wait to ask. It works better if you ask early.

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Goodbye my Babies...
last modified: Thursday, January 20, 2005 (1:53:34 PM CST)
The cel books have taken a beating and we're deciding to part with quite a few things in the interest of cleaning up the books our gallery and fattening our wallets a little. A lot of cels have been moved into the lloking for a home section and will be moved into the RS shop when I'm feeling a little more energetic. If anyone's interested in anything before it get's sent there let us know.

An update should be coming sometime next week but, we have to buy a new scanner first since ours more or less died.

Also if anyone knows how to get in contact with Brian from brian's cels/ kimono cels, I'd be eternily greatfully. I can't get a hold him and I'm in mid payment plan.

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An update
last modified: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 (1:08:22 PM CST)
So I'm finially updating a few months worth of stuff. A small step towards getting rid of my disillsionment. I;m cranky and lazy today though so I scanned them in bag with sketches. it will be the last for awhile as we're pushing our small business goals ahead. Everyone wish us look for opening a vintage game store sometime in 2006 or earlier!

Meanwhile though since we have to slow down for awhile we're going out in style as they say. After the updates today we're still expecting a wishlist cel, a hanken & intiating a trade for another wishlist cel.

However, we may be slowing down for now but, we aren't toally stoppping so if anyone's got a high quality Miyuki, X, or Sailor moon cel they're wanting to part with we can still come up with insane ammounts of cash for wishlist cels ^_^. We are wanting to get rid of some of older cels too so trades will likely be happening in the coming days too. (hopefully)


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If I had only known earlier...
last modified: Friday, December 03, 2004 (2:58:37 PM CST)
That I had replies to my weblog entries. I would have said something sooner. In fact I have a lot of things I'd like to sya on the subject of retirement and other collectors but, I don't feel like it currently so I'll just say, I guess we're not retiring just slowing down by a lot. Hunting down painted plastic just isn't as fun anymore. Of course we're stilling picking things up here and there I have 7 things I should be updating right now and a wishlist cel on it's way. But, due to my current disillusionment, I just don't feel compelled to share. One of them we'ver already framed and I didn't even bother scanning it. I'm sure an update will happen sometime near the end of the month though. Although I'm fairly certain I'll leave it to Jen as she'll take more Joy in than I. Oh and I thank everyone who replied to my previous post we both really do appreciate the thoughts.

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last modified: Sunday, October 31, 2004 (11:10:59 AM CST)
So yeah we've toyed with the idea of retiring before but, I'm sick off all the people in the hobby I really really hate. When we started everyone was quite nice very helpful and all around awesome. But, now there more cel collectors I meet the less of them I like. I mean there are still people I compltely adore and I meet more people I like even still. Just with the rising popularity of anime I'm noticing a lot more obnoxious people. A single trip to the animanga forum is enough to illustrate that. I think it's important for cel collectors new and old to note one simple fact. Cel collecting does not make you cool. It is a nerdy hobby. If you have better things than someone else it does not make you cool or better in any way it makes you a nerd with more money. Please realise this and stop being self rightious jerk. Our little community would be a lot better place if this happened.

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Move along...nothing to see here...
last modified: Monday, October 25, 2004 (2:10:02 PM CST)
I'm thinking of redoing the gallery layout. I should have new cel to put it in it in another month or so. So I'm thinking it would be good to change the layout as I've had this one since July. Of course we've only updated 2 or 3 times since then but, still. I'm trying not to buy anything new as I still have payament plan to finish and jen just started on another for a wishlist cel of hers (in rare instance it's one I don't really like). I just want to pay off all the cels I owe on (including the ones sitting in the deputy) and stop buying them for awhile. I just don't reasonably see that happening though. I also wish that I could seel off some of the older things we no longer want but the market is flooded and pretty bad right now. *sigh*

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last modified: Friday, October 15, 2004 (4:41:16 PM CST)
So we're thinking about picking up some Fantasia cels as we both love fantasia more than words. On the other hand though they are super expensive compared to what we normally buy. I mean one of the ones I really want to go for is $3500 on the other hand I don't really think that's an unfair price tag especially for Disney cels. It's just when I think to myself hey I could 5 high quality anime cels for just makes me think twice. Of course I also know that Disney cel typically have a higher resale value than Anime, especially right now. So I think that if nothing else it's a good invesment.

I'm quite torn in the end though I think I'm going to save up and buy them. Afterall you only live once and money is only money and nothing more. If I can buy something that brings us joy with mere monwy we ought to go for it....

the only other issue being that where are we going to get this "mere money". I'm ready to be independently wealthy now. ^_^

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Playing part 2
last modified: Thursday, October 07, 2004 (10:46:49 AM CST)
So I've got another few moments free so I'm playing with the weblog. I'm still waiting for all payment plan cels to come in so I can do one nice big update. I was tempted to do a birthday one yesterday as I/ we have gotten several goodies from X, Totoro and Wish. We've still got more X on the way though so I'm tempted to wait for those to come in before the update. Althouhg I'm getting ansy since it's been 2 months and 1 week since our last update. that's the longest we've gone without having new thing to add since we started...hmm..on the other hand. If I wait to update it will be the best darn update we've ever had....hmmm.

I've got sael stuff to deal with too. But maybe I can make the two thing coincide together somehow...hmm...
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Stephanie playing with the blog.
last modified: Sunday, September 26, 2004 (3:39:34 PM CST)
I tried playing with it yesterday but it had an error I got most cranky and gave and so I have a few free minutes today so here we are.

No cels to update for awhile because Jen and Stephanie are very broke and very stressed however we did finish up a few payment plans so when we do get to updating it will be an update for the ages!!! Or some other such nonsense.

Many thanks still to everyone who offered on our cel during our emergency we thank and so does my family who now has a place to live. If we owe you cels we promise we're working on getting them out as fast we can.

Also if we owe anyone replys to gallery feedback we aplogise our email has been most unstable lately and I'm trying my best to either fix the problem or setup a new account somewhere since I can't use our aol addresses (almost anytime of outside maiing get's bounced).

Ok so now playtime is over. I think this might be a fun feature though hopefully it will work this time.


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