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Our Cel Fund

Our Online Shop - One of the main ways we fund our hobbies is by selling off duplicates and older parts of our collections. We'll love you forever if you'd buy something to help us along! We have anime, manga, cels,video games, RPG materials, 80's toys and various other odds and ends available. We'll be adding more as time goes on (mostly because we buy more than our house can handle!). Rubberslug users can use coupon code: Slugsavings to get 20% off your first order!

Our Geek Blog

Our Geek Blog - Our geek blog where we have reviews of anime, manga, figures, and video games. We have lots of other related fun stuff as well so check it out.

Our Favorite galleries

NearachdNathairSgiathach - We Love Deanna! In addition to being our very first and one of our very favorite cel buddies she has an amazing collection. Of course given we have about a 20% trade ratio to our galleries currently (IE 20% of our cels came from Deanna and 20% of hers came from us)it makes sense that we feel that way. Sadly she doesn't update as often these days but, she still has one of the most beautiful and unique collections on the web.
Collection Highlight: OVA Miyu and Lemures complete setup

Millions of Cats - An offshoot of our gallery devoted to Jen's cat collection.
The Startyde - Whorship the Startyde! Some of the nicest Mezzo cels in exsistance, as well as some really awesome comic art. Startyde is the most awesome person you could ever hope to meet.
Collection highlight: Amazing original transformers art by Dan Khana

Silus Atrium - Beautiful wonderfully presented collection of artwork from the mind of Mr. Umetsu. Including: Gatchaman OVA, Kite, Mezzo, Megazone 23, yellow star and basically any other series Yasuomi Umetsu has lent his greatness too. Collection highlight:
Nat's cels - What her gallery lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality! Featuring some of the most beautiful escaflowne cels in exsistance, the only production art from CLAMP's clover I've ever seen, and a jaw dropping Belldandy from amg. Not to mention her own incredible, Beautiful artwork!
Collection Highlight: Beautiful TV Van

Robert's frozen Time - One of the best collections of Vampire Princess Miyu OVA Cels we've ever laid eyes on, amazing shamanic Princess cels and a breathtaking selection of Nausicaa cels. All around a beautiful high quality collection
Collection highlight: Original painting from Urusei Yatsura by Akemi Takada


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