We used to have a long bit of stuff here but, for various reasons have decided that it wasn't such a good idea so we'll leave it at this:

There are two of us and we often have vastly different taste in cels. We both like different genre's, different series, different characters, and different shot compositions. The only thing we can really agree on is that we like beautiful cels. This approach to collecting makes for a very diverese yet very lovely gallery (or so we'd like to think anyway)

We're mostly only interested in purchasing wishlist cels and other A level shots from the series we collect. However, we do love emotional shots even if they're not normal high end fare. We've slowed our collecting quite a bit over the last few years to reflect our declining finances. Under normal circumstances we don't often sell or trade but, feel free to ask anyway.

We do like meeting new people who share our hobby so we'd love to chat via the feedback option. ^_^


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